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Hoers has passed and the sun is setting down when both Kat and Jeachim are just settling down in the Inn. Jeachim is just drawing while Kat just pulls out a gift for him.

Kat: Happy birth day step bother or should I say even more seance it's just us? *Holding his gift*

Jeachim *Blush* Umm... So what is it?

Kate: *Gives him the bag* It's a strap bag made out of a good material that only a little bit of water can't go threw. *Smiles* That way when ever it rains your drawing will be safe.

Jeachim: Oh my... I don't have any thing for you... Crap.

Kat: *Unexpected hug* Always and will be you and if I'm in any danger will you protect me? *A worm and funny feeling Jeachim is having*

Kat: Well... Will you?

Jeachim: Sounds like a big responsibly for my part.

Kat: *Giggle* I'm sure it will be fine.

Jeachim: Well then Happy birth day to you then... I'll just draw you some thing. *Kat lets go and lay down while jeachim put the bag away. Watching him draw Kat became a little bored and decided to put both of her feet on top of Jeachim's sketch book.*   

Jeachim: Nahh... Kat I'm trying to draw.

Kat: Meow I just feel putting my feet there.

Jeachim: Yeah but your on my sketch book.

Kat: Came on I know your like them *Looks at Jeachim* You always play with my feet back at the farm when no one around. *Wiggles her toes*

Jeachim *Blushes* But we're in the city and where ever one are ever where. Even some one is might be peeping out the window out here. *Kat got up and close the blinds and came back*

Kat: There now no one can see use. *Put her feet on his hands* Now lets have owe foot fun shall we? *Jeachim looks at her then her big feet*

Jeachim: What ever you say. *starts ticking her*

Kat: Meeeeeahahah heeehaha!

While Kat and Jeachim are having their foot fun they didn't know that someone is watching them. A tall figure welled dress in black with a little bit of wavy and white hair looking at the window where Kat close the blinds. The person grin in a disturbing way as if this one have some kind of plan, some thing that Kat and Jeachim will never know what hit them.  
Here scene 3 coming up scene 4 [link]

Note: In case it will be fix soon after some help.

Previous: [link]
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Yumeshunketsu777 Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
Hehhe a very cute scene my friend! It sounds absolutely adorable and I love the way she was teasing him~ It's just so cute XD

But poor you~ Looks like you couldn't resist the beautiful Kat, but beware! Someone seems to be lurking around >83
Demonkingx666 Featured By Owner May 27, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Oh my this is adorably cute!:meow: I wonder what's going to happen as wel^^;
Kitsunecharade Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
hmm wonder what will happen next
Gear-of-Ren Featured By Owner May 27, 2012
You'll see once the sun goes down.
MintyMousyX Featured By Owner May 27, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Quite adorable ^^ Perhaps Jeachim should shut down the curtains, if her plans to continue the little game.
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